Artists' Compliments

Martha Argerich
"I have had the opportunity to work with Constantinos Loizou many times during my last visit to Cyprus.  He is very smart and he realizes all the desires of the artists.  He works with great enthusiasm. Constantinos is very interested and always looking for new techniques to help musicians throughout their repertoire requirements"

Sergei Babayan
"Mr. Loizou belongs to a rare breed of piano technicians who communicate on the level of real artistry. He was able to find each time a different approach to prepare instruments to the highest level for certain repertoire. Aside from the highest professionalism Constantinos is a kind caring person whose presence made all of the pianists of the festival feel inspired. His professional ability made the whole experience extremely enjoyable"

Martino Tirimo
"I have known Constantinos in a professional capacity for some 12 years and during this period I have watched him develop into a first-class piano technician and tuner. The Steinway Seminars and also his association and apprenticeship with several Steinway and other top technicians certainly much helped to influence this development. Furthermore, his violin studies seem to have sharpened his ears since he is extremely critical with his own tuning!
However, my view is that the biggest influence was the experience he gained from working closely with a number of major pianists. Speaking personally, I have always been impressed by his eagerness to help and solve problems and his enormous resolve to get better and better. Like a great artist he is not content with his achievements but, instead, is always aiming to learn more and reach greater heights.
In short, he is totally dedicated to his art and works hard and in a most disciplined manner. He is a highly intelligent young man and his admirably positive attitude, sociability and wonderful rapport with pianists are no small assets! His friendliness and sense of humour are also a delight"

Tamás Vásáry
"Constantinos is in my opinion one of the best piano technicians in the world and more than that, he has shown himself to be a human being, who is capable of helping other human beings, specifically during a competition, when young candidates need spiritual support. I cannot give more recommendations than those aspects of his qualities, which surely enable him to fulfill the most demanding tasks"

Cyprien Katsaris

"I had the great pleasure to collaborate with the excellent piano tuner and technician Mr. Constantinos Loizou on several occasions. His work on the various pianos I played during my concerts was always perfect and satisfying at the highest level. Moreover, when I had a special request about an important detail, he was able to fix it without any difficulty. I have a total confidence in his remarkable professionalism"

Pierre-Laurent Aimard

"The Steinway feels and sounds fantastic. You have done an excellent job. Thank you!"

Quick Meet


Since 2004 Constantinos has been working in Cyprus as a concert technician and tuner in concert halls amongst them Nicosia, Strovolos & Larnaca’s Municipal Theatres, Pallas Cinema Theatre, PA.SY.D.Y. Auditorium, The Cyprus Presidential Palace’ Hall, Kasteliotissa Medieval Hall, Rialto Theatre and Markideion Municipal Theatre (occasionally).
He cooperates with several Institutions, Universities, Cultural Centres, Organisations, Foundations, national & private TV Corporations, CYSO (Cyprus Symphony Orchestra).
Above all, he maintains pianos all over Cyprus for several customers, from regular piano owners through piano teachers and professors to professional pianists.

Piano Tuning & Maintainance for Professional Recordings
  • Major theatres
  • City Studios 2010-2013
  • Bis Records - Shoe Factory, Nicosia (May 2016)

Public Appearances
  • TV Show Biz - Εμείς at CYBC 2nd Channel: "Piano Tuning & Maintenance"
  • TV Show Biz - Εμείς at CYBC 2nd Channel: "Meeting the Harpsichord"

Academic Skills
In September 2021 Constantinos has accepted a permanent position at the ARTE Music Academy in Nicosia, Cyprus, where he teaches "The Anatomy of Piano" to the students of the music institution

"Piano Tuning in Practice and the Theory behind it" held in University of Nicosia and ARTE Music Academy

Important Venues
Tuning, voicing and regulating for:
  • Ten-piano concert during the Kypria International Festival (2005)
  • Two Steinway square pianos concert (built in 1861, 1864) for Mozart’s 250th birth anniversary concert
  • Four-piano concert dedicated to W. A. Mozart (2005)
  • Dance Cyprus ballet "White Magic" with pianist Martino Tirimo
  • Cyprus Gala Concert Moscow Virtuosi and Martino Tirimo (Presidential Palace)
  • Four piano concert "Pianisti Non Solo" during Kypria Festival (2007)
  • Harpsichord for W. A. Mozart’s "Don Giovanni" (2006 - Rialto Theatre)
  • International Pharos Chamber Music Festivals (piano and harpsichord, 2008)
  • Academy of Ancient Music baroque concert with harpsichord accompaniment (Delikipos, 2008)
  • Chopin complete piano works with Martino Tirimo (2010)
  • Three pianos concert with Marios Papadopoulos, Christodoulos Georgiades and Cyprien Katsaris (2010 - Strovolos Municipal Theatre)

Major Projects (renovations & restorations)
  • Boston GP-163
  • Joseph & Adolf Gössl - 1927
  • Ibach Baby Grand - 1909 (check picture on the left sidebar)
  • Petrof 136 - 1954
  • Petrof III - 1977
  • Steinberg Berlin - 1927
  • Steinway B
  • Steinway D
  • Yamaha C3 - silent system installation
  • Yamaha C3
  • Yamaha GH2